Ryan Joseph


A Redis client library for Arduino devices written in C++11.


A sensor management & data collection/emission suite for Raspberry Pi devices.


A rudimentary Redis-to-HTTP proxy in Go that enables the Weather Dashboard below.


A live + historic dashboard of weather & air quality data built with vanilla Javascript/HTML/CSS and Plotly.

Air-quality index dashboard

A live, hyper-local air-quality index per US EPA definition on ThinkSpeak. Source here.


Yet Another Redis Library, this one in POSIX-compliant C. Not nearly as mature as Arduino-Redis.

Simple Device Drawing Protocol

A definition and implementation allowing decoupling of business logic from user output ("display").

Includes the protocol document, an Arduino display vendor implementation, a JavaScript (node) consumer library & a time-series trend display application that consumes the aforementioned library.

Build log

Hackster.io writeup detailing the build of my Raspberry Pi air quality & weather data platform.


A game (of sorts) that became an unintended-but-welcome respite during the COVID-19 quarantine(s).

Not complete & and unlikely to ever be but it is nonetheless playable: and it has been, quite a bit.

Planned Community

An attempt to distill the city simulation game down to its essence, in a single-file, no-dependency, offline-capable package. Source here.


A single-file, no-dependency, offline-capable tool for exploring, annotating & exporting tilemaps (a.k.a spritesheets) created to assist in development of Planned Community. Source here.

2d sparse bitmaps library

A node.js library created for use by Fauna.


An open, simple, self-hosted web highlighter & annotator with full-featured browser extensions for Chrome & Firefox.

A Window Into

A tiny window into my internet life, showcasing the last image I saved with hlte.


A Spring '83 server running my JavaScript implementation of this inspiring & nostalgic protocol.

Twenty-word Magic

A tongue-in-cheek weekend project defining a (hopefully) less-complex format of the game. Also an excuse to play with htmx. Source here.

This page is the proper home of: ryanjoseph.dev, ryanj.xyz, rpjsf.xyz, rpjios.com & rpjios.link.

Other projects have been released under my IRC nickname.